Bauma China
  • Shanghai
  • Machinery


The International Exhibition of Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Mine Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Equipment, referred to as bauma China, as an extension of Bauma Germany, a world-renowned construction machinery exhibition, in China, has become a competitive arena for global construction machinery enterprises.

In 2002, bauma China, an extension of Bauma Germany landed in Shanghai New International Expo Center and Shanghai Expotrans became the first "crab eater". After three years of development, the exhibition grew stronger, and the volume records were constantly updated. In 2008, Shanghai Expotrans and Schenker Germany became the first joint agent of Bauma China, starting a new chapter to grow together with this spectacular construction machinery industry event.

Bauma China 2018 set a new record in exhibition area, number of exhibitors and exhibits. The exhibition lasted for two months with a 43-day exhibition installation period, the longest record in history. It coincided with China International Textile Machinery Expo and International Import Expo at its early stage. Shanghai Expotrans concentrated its efforts and completed installation and dismantling for nearly 3000 Chinese and foreign exhibitors in 15 indoor and outdoor exhibition halls in a safe, orderly and efficient way.





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