Enjoying the Healing Power of Arts Celebration on the Women's Day by XPTRS Trade Union


On the afternoon of March 5, the Trade Union of Shanghai Expotrans organized all female employees to join a painting activity to celebrate the Women’s Day.

Colorful studio, warm lights, soft music, a sweet and chic atmosphere. A bunch of flowers, afternoon tea, a watercolor painting and all other details showed the carefulness and delicacy of the organizer. Drafting, proofing, toning, coloring... Each brush on the paper and every stroke of the pen revealed tenderness and all beautiful things.

Communicate with art and talk with yourself. The process of painting re-establishes the mechanism by which we dialogue with our body and mind, releasing the stretched "high-pressure nerve". Keep peaceful and calm, awaken the perception of beauty, stimulate the creative cells, and achieve a physical and mental balance. Then we will return to the battlefield with refueled vitality.


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