XPTRS Continues to Serve as the Home Transport Service Provider for the Second China International Import Expo


Recently, Shanghai Expotrans (XPTRS) won the bid and became one of the home transport service providers for the 2nd China International Import Expo. This is the second time that XPTRS won this honor after the 1st Import Expo.

Invitation from China brings together thousands of businessmen to witness this grand occasion. It is learnt that the exhibition of the Second Import Expo will surpass the first one, increasing the proportion of new products and new technologies to be launched globally and debuted in China.

The brilliance of last Expo is still vividly visible in our fresh memories. The second Expo has been quietly launched and is coming soon. Let's further and enrich this memory together. Start to work with passion, creativity and accountability!

Project team serving the 1st China International Import Expo


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