The Extraordinary Accomplishment of ours during 60 Ordinary Days---Impressions of bauma CHINA 2018


The 9th Shanghai International Exhibition of Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Mine Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Equipment, bauma CHINA 2018 with the theme of "vision of intelligent manufacturing, extensive view of the whole", was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 27 to 30, 2018. Shanghai Expostrans Ltd. and DB SCHENKER made joint efforts to provide a package of logistics solutions for exhibitors both at home and abroad, as well as on-site installation and dismantling.

As one of the behind-the-scenes service provider, Shanghai Expotrans was deeply, comprehensively involved in the whole process. It witnessed the rise of the fair from scratch and the step-by-step advance of a power taking the lead in the expo and the world.


The 60 days’ period of exhibition installation and dismantling witnessed the efforts of project team of Shanghai Expotrans.

Sixty days made this team particularly united ---they were firmly attached to their respective positions, just like screws and robot arms without feeling of disease or pain.


Sixty day made this team particularly humorous---everyone was extraordinarily good at telling jokes, urging and encouraging each other.


During the 60-day period, we witnessed unity, courage, loyalty, dedication and happiness.


This is a group of post-50s, post-60s, post-70s, post-80s and post-90s generations. Some are Bauma veterans, some are Bauma rookies, their feelings for Bauma make them dedicated to the service for the event... They build trust in bauma, deepen friendship in bauma, and accomplish more achievements in bauma.


In the backstage, every night when I returned home late, I felt guilty toward my family. Thank you for your understanding and support. It is also because of you that we are willing to go all out and stick together despite all difficulties. It is also because of you that we can go further.


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