Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Shanghai Expotrans and COSCO Shipping International


On the morning of December 18, 2018, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between COSCO Shipping International and Shanghai Expotrans was held in Shanghai Expotrans, which was attended by representatives of both companies.


Tao Weidong, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping, and Gu Chunting, Deputy Director of Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai witnessed the signing ceremony and delivered speeches.


Yao Xiaohong, General Manager of COSCO Shipping International, and Bian Guorong, Vice President of Shanghai International Exhibition Co. and Chairman/General Manager of Shanghai Expotrans signed the strategic cooperation agreement.


In the future, both parties will take the exhibit transportation as the starting point, cooperate on "big customers, big projects", establish a fixed contact mechanism, strengthen information exchange and sharing, give full play to their own advantages of resource respectively, form a strategic alliance in the mainland market, continuously optimize the extension of logistics supply chain, and maximize the benefits of both sides.


At the signing ceremony, both parties also presented gifts to each other. After signing, the members from COSCO Shipping International visited Shanghai Expotrans.


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