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  • Project Specialist
    Educational Background:
    bachelor degree and above
    Job Description:

    Responsible for the micro-planning and operation of the company's official website, including the whole process of planning and production from section planning, material accumulation, text drafting to editing and typesetting.

    Job Requirements:

    1、Education: Bachelor
    2、Major: No requirement. Majors in literature and aesthetics are preferred.
    3、Language: CET-4. CET-6 or multilingual preferred.
    4、Computer skill: capable of image, video and audio processing involved in official website micro-production, such as PS, AI, H5 and various Wechat mini-programs.
    5、Have a deep knowledge of literature and sense of appreciation for aesthetic. Have a strong ability of logical thinking and systematic planning.
    6、Outgoing personality, good at interpersonal communication.
    7、Earnest and down-to-earth, hard-working, patient and meticulous, with strong sense of responsibility.
    8、Mentally flexible, willing to study and innovate, highly-motivated.

    Compensation and Benefits:

    Competitive salary
    Five insurances and three funds, paid annual leaves, phone allowance, and festival gifts

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